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Rice Water Hair Spray

Rice Water Hair Spray

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Great addition to your wash day routine! 


Rice water helps to strengthen hair follicle, eliminate breakage, increase hair shine and promote healthy growth faster. 

For my thicker hair girlies, I recommend 2 bottles and for my girlies with normal to thinner type hair, I recommend starting with 1 bottle. 

Apply after cleaning hair with shampoo bar. Make sure to drench hair from the roots to the ends, then use a heated cap for about 15-30 mins before rinsing and finishing your wash day routine. 

Keep your rice water refrigerated at all times. As of now there are no preservatives in my mixture, so the shelf is up to 6 months…as long as you keep it refrigerated. 

Rice water comes in a 8oz container so if you have hair on the thicker side or locs, I would recommend ordering 2. 

(note: it takes rice water 7-10 days to process, so please keep that in mind when placing your when inventory is sold out. If the delay may ever be an extensive amount of time, I will communicate prior) 

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